"The Work of Easter" Vocational Programs

In El Salvador, education is compulsory for kindergarden through 9th grade.  Some children from Chiltiupan go to high school at the Santo Domingo School.  After high school, a few of the most qualified students may receive ESSOC college scholarships to continue their education in San Salvador.  Many, however, do not have the aptitude for university study.  To fill this need, St. Dominic worked with Sr. Irma, the principal of Santo Domingo School, to establish vocational training programs.  For Easter 2016, St. Dominic raised over $25,000 for “The Work of Easter” project.  With these funds, Sr. Irma established programs in bread baking, carpentry, cooking, cosmetology, wood working, sewing, and the electrical trades.

During her Easter 2016 visit to Cleveland, Fr. Tom presented Sister Irma with a check for $25,000 to establish her vocational training programs.
Sr. Irma teaches sewing to the students in the vocational training program.
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