Milagros de Santo Romero - Construction Ministry

The Milagros De Santo Romero (Miracles of Saint Romero) Construction Ministry builds structures to help the poorest members of Chiltiupan meet their basic needs.  Milagros de Santo Romero directly benefits families who receive a new home, bathroom, roof, or pila (water basin.)  The ministry also provides dignified employment for several local construction workers who are paid 2-3 times the prevailing wage.

Whenever a project is finished, the workers and families exclaim that another miracle of Saint Romero has taken place!  If you would like to fund a special construction project, please contact Tim Sokal,  Saint Romero, Pray For Us!

Raul Solis, lead foreman of the Milagros de Santo Romero ministry, gives thanks for the many miracles.
The Milagros de Santo Romero ministry built a new bathroom with running water, sinks, and flushing toilets at the Santa Marta School.
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