"Pollos Para Santa Domingo" Christmas Project

The 2016 Christmas Campaign “Pollos Para Santo Domingo” raised over $50,000 providing families in Santo Domingo the basic materials, coops, organic feed, and proper training for raising meal chickens.  Local labor was used to build the wooden and metal coops.  Families received 15 baby chicks with instruction on how to raise these chickens for sale and for consumption. These meal chickens grow to adulthood in just 7-10 weeks.  The project provided a protein source as well as sustainable income.  In turn, families could re-invest in additional baby chicks creating a  micro-enterprise for families.  The project has benefitted families’ diets as well as helped as a source of revenue for some of the poorest families in the village.

Herbert Herrera shows a newly completed chicken coup and baby chicks.
A family receives its supply of baby chicks.
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