Santo Domingo Clinic

The Santo Domingo Clinic is located next door to the Santo Domingo Church in the center of Chiltiupan.  The clinic is operated by a Salvadoran doctor, nurse, lab technician, and administrative assistant meeting the medical needs of the community.  Our parish provides funding for clinic staff salaries, for the purchase of medications, transportation for the sick, and for charity care for the most impoverished members of the community.

In addition, St. Dominic sends two annual medical delegations to El Salvador to support the on-going work of the clinic.  While on brigade, each delegation screens and treats over 1,000 patients in remote, mountainous areas of the parish.  Practitioners are paired with a translator to provide free consultations for the poor.  A traveling pharmacy provides free medications.  Follow-ups and referrals are given for the chronically ill.

All medical practitioners are welcome.  Those with backgrounds in primary care, internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, rheumatology, gastroenterology, nursing, dentistry, and pharmacy are encouraged to join us for this life-giving experience.

For more information about the Santo Domingo Clinic, please contact Dr. Barbara Williams, Cardiologist and parishioner:

Dr. Barbara Williams and her translator, Herbert Herrera, read an EKG for a Salvadoran patient.
Dr. Yessenia Henriquez, medical director of the Santo Domingo Clinic.
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