"Pan de Vida" Christmas Project

St. Dominic sends $1,000 each month to the Obras de Caridad (St. Vincent DePaul) Ministry of Santo Domingo Church.  These funds are for food, clothing, medicine, and other emergency needs of the parish community.  We recognize, however, that the economic need is much greater than this.

For Christmas 2017, we launched the “Pan De Vida” Project.  Our parish raised over $80,000 for this two-fold project:  The first phase includes providing food to the five poorest families in each of the 16 cantons of the parish – 80 total families each month.  Members of Obras de Caridad visit these 80 families each month to deliver food baskets containing basic provisions and staples.  Their visit also affirms our relationship as well as God’s concern for them.

The second part of the “Pan De Vida” projects provides 500 water filtration systems so families can drink, cook, and bathe with clean water.  The Sawyer Water Filtration systems are certified to 0.1 microns meaning they are guaranteed effective against harmful bacteria, protozoa, e. coli, giardia, and salmonella which can cause cholera, typhoid fever, and other diseases.

Leaders from our Obras de Caridad Ministry demonstrate the water filter.
A family in Chilitupan receives a food basket through our “Pan De Vida” Program.
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