"Abrazos" Women's Ministry

St. Dominic parishioner, Dora Verissimo, loves sharing hugs, abrazos, with everyone she meets, especially in El Salvador.  Dora says, “When giving a hug, two hearts can meet.”  During Dora’s first trip to Santo Domingo in 2016, Dora realized that many women do not have bras.  She and others in the group donated their undergarments to women in the community.  The following year, Dora returned to El Salvador with hundreds of bras and feminine hygiene products.  On subsequent trips, many of these important products are donated through this ministry.  To learn more about the Abrazos Women’s Ministry, please contact Dora at Dorissimus@hotmail.com

Dora and Raul Solis share an “abrazo.”
Dora Verissimo and Sister Irma Molina
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