"Sagradas Familias" Christmas Project

A few years ago, St. Dominic launched the “Pan De Vida” Program to provide food for the poorest members of our sister parish, Santo Domingo.  Through these holy encounters, we discovered many families do not have home necessities needed for a dignified life.  The “Sagradas Familias” Christmas Project sought to expand upon our monthly food baskets to the poor as well as provide bedding, new roofs, wash basins, and other home essentials.

Our “Sagradas Familias” 2019 Christmas Project collected almost $130,000!  A miracle of Saint Romero!

These funds have allowed us to continue and even expand our support for our sister parish, Santo Domingo, during the global Covid-19 crisis.  To combat the virus, El Salvador placed the country in mandatory quarantine.  Businesses closed and people lost their livelihoods.  To fill the need, the Sagradas Familias program provided food and essentials to almost 600 families each month during the pandemic.  We celebrate, even during a crisis, that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph dwell among the Holy Families of El Salvador.

Our team received special permission from the Salvadoran government to deliver humanitarian aid during the Covid crisis.
Two families receive aid through the Sagradas Familias program.
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