Ring & Jewelry Ministry

Rings are a symbol of love, commitment, and unity.  Plus, wearing jewelry demonstrates our beauty and dignity.  However many in El Salvador, especially married couples, cannot afford jewelry.  To affirm these families, St. Dominic parishioners are encouraged to donate old jewelry or costume jewelry for the people of El Salvador.  This ministry is quite popular, especially among the women of the village of Chiltiupan.  

Some St. Dominic parishioners have even donated the jewelry of deceased loved ones.  This is an excellent way for the legacy of your loved one to live-on in the lives of our Salvadoran sisters and brothers.  Many St. Dominic parishioners comment that they feel their parents or grandparents’ presence through the couples from Santo Domingo who wear their family members’ rings.  To donate your jewelry, please contact Tim Sokal, tsokal@stdominicschool.net

Fr. Tom presents Maria Fuentes with a ring.
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