Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Racial Equity Task Force works to make St. Dominic Church an inclusive, welcoming space for all members of our community. We believe that “if racial justice and peace will ever be attained, it must begin in the church,” in the words of University of Dayton history professor Shannen Dee Williams. We seek to live our faith out loud, by building an anti-racist Catholic community at St. Dominic and increasing dialogue among parishioners about the realities of systemic racism.

Nicholas Black Elk Documentary

"This Thanksgiving, as a way to honor the Native American peoples who so often find this time of year painful, please take some time to watch this documentary about Nicholas Black Elk with your family. As you watch, reflect upon the following questions:

What were some painful moments discussed in the video around the Catholic  Church's or the white settlers' disregard for Native culture and traditions?

In what ways did Black Elk show himself to be open to God's spirit, wherever it led?

What were some aspects of Black Elk's Lakota culture that made him such a compassionate and effective catechist?

What qualities of Black Elk's strike you the most?

What are some ways that we can support Native peoples in our everyday life or educate ourselves about Native American history?"

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St. Dominic Advent Prayer Service 2021
The St. Dominic Advent Prayer Service