Project Serve Cardboard Campout

Sep 24, 2022
5:00 pm
10:00 am

Project Serve’s “Cardboard Campout” focuses upon the issues of poverty and homeless.  Join us on September 24 to 25 for this overnight event as we listen to personal stories from formerly homeless individuals on what it is truly like to be homeless and how faith and hope enabled them to get back into housing.  Plus we will engage in service activities to support the Labre Homeless Ministry, a weekly ministry that visits the homeless living on the streets.  Lastly, we will sleep in solidarity with those less fortunate in our own cardboard city in the front driveway of St. Dominic Church.  The event is open to all high school aged parishioners and youth group members. Cost is $50 which includes a Project Serve hoodie, refrigerator box, food, materials, and stipends to our guest speakers.  Contact Jodie Bowers with questions,